American Veterans And America’s Vile Practice Of Waging Needless Wars


“…………..All American Veterans should be treated with the highest respect. But as history shows, they have not. Such is the sad state of decadent affairs. We live in a fallen world. a decadent world culture of needless wars. wars that are fueled by greed, selfishness, a NWO (New World Order) and bankrolling the wicked wealthy.

Since WWI and WWII, what war has this United States waged, which was genuinely necessary? Perhaps, none. Think about that………………”

Putin’s Push To Purge Syria Of Obama’s Modern-Day Nazi Terrorists


“………..Is it any wonder that pernicious Western American mainstream media would demonize Russia’s Putin while praising demonic aka Obama?

Western [American] mainstream media aligns itself with the United States imperialist (aka, ‘meddling’) mindset. Whenever Mother Russia is media-invoked, it is always in the backdrop of a “boogeyman” status. Modern-day Russia is stereotyped and consistently cast within the malevolent framework of obstructing global democracy. However,,…………”

Why American Government Is Politically And Morally Corrupt: Absence of Conceptual Absolutes


“Our current corrupted American government has long been coming. It predates last Century’s World War II. Please take the time to thoughtfully read the excellent following commentary. It has been copied here on Moralmatters by permission of its author, Mary Thompson. Some of Mary’s writings appear in:…………….”

The Nuremberg Trials: Historical Lesson Plan To Prosecute Obama Conspirators

It’s imperative that wicked individuals such as aka Obama and his Attorney General be indicted, prosecuted, sentenced and duly punished for their multiple crimes against humanity.