Obama’s Flint, Michigan Water Crisis Photo-Op: He Remains A Devil


“He never changes. He always uses every opportunity. The White House criminal ID forgery fraud manipulates mainstream media to make himself (out) to be, what he is not.

Aka Obama cravenly desires the public to believe that he is a compassionate person. He knows that he is not. He knows that he is a world-wide terrorist. He understands that he is de facto commander-in-chief of ISIS. He knows that he is a devil, doing his father’s bidding.

He knows………..”

“Mass Shootings” In America: Why So Many Under Aka Obama?


“The White House ID forgery fraud is scheduled tonight to speak via his controlled mainstream media to all those willing to hear more of his lies. His propaganda will decry the multiple “mass” shootings which have been a prime focus of his occupation of the American presidency. And, you can be sure that this devil’s (crimes against humanity) favorite disciple will utter words that will be hailed (as definitive) by enabling propaganda, low-life crimes against the peace, mainstream media……………”

Hillary Hanging From Retribution Rope: Fitting Temporal Justice


“Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.” – Ecclesiastees 8:11

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> It’s a putrid shame that ordinary, normal, honest and (God-Almighty) fearing Americans have propaganda news shoved in our faces; witnessing the unabashed political high-society, party on America’s tax-dime. Not to elaborate upon political criminals openly golfing and dancing as if they can go scot-fee for their crimes against humanity. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Al Sharpton MSNBC Race Baiter: No-Show For Dr. James Manning’s Visit At Rockefeller Center


“MSNBC’S Race-baiter bigot, Al Sharpton, is one of those nefarious selected individuals who enjoys mainstream media radical leftist cover. He’s one of those favored persons who is granted an unholy podium which assists the White House ID (forgery) fraud, in aka Obama’s persistent attempts to destroy America.

Sharpton sows………………”