Moralmatters Website Update: August 9, 2016


“If you desire to more swiftly access Moralmatters, type in the following, in your URL bar: Sandy Hook

You will be immediately transported to a Google search page. There you will (presently) view, as the first link:

Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax –

Click on that link and you will be immediately transported to the Moralmatters website…………………”

Facebook Trolls: Two Ways To Respond


“Last evening I noticed a Facebook comment that appeared following the Moralmatters posting of:

Brussels Bombing Fraud: Metro Station Scene: –

Facebook comment:……………… adds two more websites to its blogroll has just added 2 websites to the home page blogroll – Check them out, with all the others, at the right side of this page: Slow Facts American Freedom by Barbara ____________________________________ Posted by: Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel Please note:  Above pic (s) found… Read more“ adds two more websites to its blogroll”