Donald Trump Desires A Fair Non-Rigged Election: Anything Wrong With That?


The ignored “‘Elephant’ in the room” for those wickedly motivated by political correctness, power, covetousness and selfishness, versus honesty and fairness, is, voting fraud (aka, election fraud)……..

…….It’s no wonder why Hillary Clinton said that she was horrified that Donald Trump would question the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election results. She and wicked conniving others are caught red-handed. They are guilty as hell…….

Voter And Voting Process Fraud Hastens America’s Destruction: Some Solutions


Remember in school, students asking the teacher how to spell a certain word? And the teacher’s answer was: “Look it up in a dictionary!”

How does a turtle struggling upon its shell turn itself right-side up?

How can honest Americans elect half-ways decent politicians and judges when the voting process is corrupted?…………..