American Veterans And America’s Vile Practice Of Waging Needless Wars


“…………..All American Veterans should be treated with the highest respect. But as history shows, they have not. Such is the sad state of decadent affairs. We live in a fallen world. a decadent world culture of needless wars. wars that are fueled by greed, selfishness, a NWO (New World Order) and bankrolling the wicked wealthy.

Since WWI and WWII, what war has this United States waged, which was genuinely necessary? Perhaps, none. Think about that………………”

Spineless John Boehner Says He Doesn’t Like Being Called Spineless


“Gutless politicians never desire for people to call them, ‘spineless.’ But, if that is what they are, such designation status, is more than appropriate. This Moralmatters author has no problem………….”

Unworthy politicians: Not the only snakes around

Nasty, self serving,  extortionist and malevolent politicians aren’t the only snakes to be found. Please note the following rattlesnake article with video before the various links as you scroll down.  Note the informational articles about the political [politician] snakes. And, please remember that rattlesnakes in their natural environment aren’t as dangerous as… Read more“Unworthy politicians: Not the only snakes around”