American Veterans And America’s Vile Practice Of Waging Needless Wars


“…………..All American Veterans should be treated with the highest respect. But as history shows, they have not. Such is the sad state of decadent affairs. We live in a fallen world. a decadent world culture of needless wars. wars that are fueled by greed, selfishness, a NWO (New World Order) and bankrolling the wicked wealthy.

Since WWI and WWII, what war has this United States waged, which was genuinely necessary? Perhaps, none. Think about that………………”

Crisis Actor Muslim Obama: Practices Taqiyya To Destroy America


………..Muslim Socialist and New World Order Dictator Obama uses Muslim Taqiyya.

Taqiyya is the ‘ordained’ Muslim practice of lies and deception to promote the cause of Islam from the Koran………….

Terrorist Obama: Three Pictures Illustrate His Syrian Crimes Against Humanity


“The following 3 pictures were found on the web. They help frame the Syrian War in its proper (moral) perspective:……………”

Hillary’s 3rd Finger And Criminal Co-Conspirator Obama’s Callous Response To Bill Clinton


>>>>>>>>> After all the available evidence is honestly and logically considered, Hillary Clinton deserves no better than to be, behind bars or dangling from an execution’s rope. Her treasonous crimes against this United States are on par with our current >>>>>>>>>>

Government Sponsored Hoax Events: Not Limited To The United States

Please take the time to watch the following short video, as Red Pill Revolution highlights a “World Hoax Tour:”

The United States Will Lapse It’s Way Into History’s Memory Pages


“America will lapse its way into memory’s historical pages. It will become another nation that will have “bitten the dust.” Why? Because:……….”

How Obama is accomplishing his criminal economic destruction of The United States

Oh yes……….this author failed to mention in the posted title that Obama has received no lack of help from his pathetic Republican political party enablers. Please, of course note that the following three graphics are not exhaustive on how our American White House usurper [1]  [2] and socialist / Marxist… Read more“How Obama is accomplishing his criminal economic destruction of The United States”