Dallas PD Shooting Story Likely Another False Reality: Its Target Was The Texas Gun Legislation


< <<<<<<<<<<< It's getting real old. The continued flow of government contrived propaganda and violence events (aka, false reality events / hoaxes). They are designed to force public opinion into big brother government's, corner. They are formulated to mess with American minds. They are malevolently orchestrated to force Americans to expect federal government militarized intervention upon state, county and local governments. These intrusive criminally conspired events are staged to seize more control and to do away with Constitutional government and Bill of Rights freedoms. Please note the excellent summation by one Moralmatters reader of one of the latest government contrived false reality events perpetrated in Dallas Texas. Read these comments knowing that this false reality event comes on the heels of the intrusive Obama Jade Helm U.S. Military exercise, which is about to formally begin: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Jade Helm Focus In Texas: Smoke Screen For Massive Illegal Alien Immigration


“Those who are skeptical of the federal government’s Jade Helm military exercise in the U.S. Southwest, are in reasonable company. Honest, intelligent and perceptive Americans know from the current corrupted government state of affairs, that our criminal White House ID forgery fraud is ‘forcing the illegal immigration issue.’ His lying words and disruptive actions are always evident, for all to witness.

The Jade Helm military exercise event to be sponsored by the Obama regime’s government, is likely the intentional…………..”

Governor Perry Has One Thing In Common With Hillary Clinton

“Will ‘it’ make any difference?”

Perry’s Eyeglasses: Is The Texas Governor Serious About A Presidential Run?

“If Perry wants to be taken seriously as a 2016 presidential contender, he better discard his 60’s last Century’s dark horned-rimmed eyeglasses!”