Trump: If Elected, Will He Address Criminal Obama’s Felony ID Forgery Fraud?


“The main point about the main point is to focus on the main point.”

The flailing Democrat Benghazi Butcher’s (aka, Hillary Clinton’s) campaign, this week, attempted to embroil the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, in the “Birther” issue. Trump apparently, refused to take the bait…………..

Obama Unfit For President: He’s A Terrorist Monster


“When you aid and abet the enemy, it makes you one of them. When you become a terrorist accomplice, it makes you a terrorist. Please note the evidencing informational links following the large pic:………….”

Obama Hates Mother’s Day: Gruesome Reminder Of His Soul Murder


“Every Mother’s Day, crimes against peace and humanity White House ID forgery fraud, aka Obama is reminded how he is cursed. He celebrates no normal Mother’s Day. It’s impossible for him to do so. He never had (and is presently bereft of) a godly mother. His childhood reeked with abnormality. That childhood (and beyond, severely lacked loving nurture); only malevolent maternal actions which resulted in “soul murder.” the result of deprivation, defrauding, manipulation and brainwashing.

Ever wonder why aka Obama is, the way he is? Ever wonder why……………..”

Stephen Pidgeon One Of America’s Finest! Opposite Of Treasonous Obama


“TERRIBLE TRUTH is honored to bestow its Fifth Annual MAN OF THE YEAR AWARD upon North American Law Center’s Stephen Pidgeon –

Excerpt: ……………..”

Republican Presidential Debates A Farce: 3 Major Issues Avoided


“The Republican Presidential Debates are a farce. Three major issues that are never brought to bear, possess supreme importance for the survival of traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America. Yet, not once, have any questions or corresponding answers been heard which address this country’s impending and ultimate demise. They are:………………..”

5 Recommended Web Sources: Non-Propaganda Mainstream Media


“Moralmatters is partial to at least 5 prominent web sources. Its author knows that they can be counted-on not to sugar coat our corrupt American government. These web sources are listed as follows,……………”

Donald Trump’s Rhetoric of “Stupid” Not Smart: DC Anti-Iran Nuclear Deal Rally Remarks


………………Trump of all successful (business) people should know that “the main thing about the main thing, is to focus on the main thing.” It appears to this author that Trump is (at least, for now) working against his own presidential political campaign of “Making America Great Again.” Apart from the Grace of Almighty God (“humanly speaking”) America has been great because many of its past leaders have led this United States with elevated (good moral) characters. America does not need another aka Barack Obama personality. Narcissism and hideous pride are not party to Creator God’s Blessings:………………..