New World Order Censorship Strikes Again: Terminates Peekay Truth YouTube Channel


“If you ever desired to be certain of the ongoing attempt to heist reality, go no further than to witness, censorship (aka, online ‘scrubbing’ / deletion). A specific example of that (unjust) censorship can be clearly witnessed with the recent and wicked maltreatment of one of the Internet’s most explosive expositors of mainstream media propaganda, ‘Peekay Truth.’………………..”

Reasons Why NYPD Officers Turned Their Backs On NY Mayor Bill de Blasio


Why have New York Police Officers been turning their backs on the New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio?

Moralmatters proposes 2 answers to the aforementioned question………….

……..Please note the most recent video in a series of analyzing videos, which conclude that the alleged Brooklyn cop-killings were a government contrived violence (hoax) event. Note in the video, the apparent fake grief, tampering with evidence and other significant and striking featured anomalies………..