Obama ID Forgery Fraud: Hyped Man-Made Climate Change Propaganda Before Upcoming UN Paris Climate Talks


“Criminal (life-style liar) and ID forgery fraud Obama doesn’t miss a propaganda beat. He’s hard at it to leave his (false reality) “climate change carbon footprint.” Will their be a separate green room…………….”

Racist Obama


“Much can be said about ‘connecting dots.’ It’s like a particular science, such as adding 2+2. Honest and decent people……………”

Lib News Play Race Card Featuring Bigoted Analysis As Science

Obama must be protected at all costs even if that means murdering honesty and reality. Don’t talk of his failed record but rather focus on his 50% blackness: Analysis:  Scientists go beyond the polls to forecast U.S. election – yahoo.com/ Excerpt: WASHINGTON (Reuters) – For anyone wondering how much of the… Read more“Lib News Play Race Card Featuring Bigoted Analysis As Science”