Adam Lanza And His Mythical Sandy Hook Shootout


“The best way to understand the world and political affairs, is to acknowledge the depravity of man; the depravity of human nature.” 

Super Bowl 2013: Where’s The Crisis Acting Sandy Hook Choir Kids?


“…………………President Trump has been busy signing Executive Orders circumventing some of his predecessor’s political actions. Will Mr. Trump find time to commission his near future Attorney General to begin the process of investigating the fake Sandy Hook School Shooting? Or, will Donald Trump clearly help to illustrate that he is just another NWO crisis actor player?”

Sandy Hook False Reality Shooting: On Your Tax Dime


“……….We now have proof that 9 Sandy Hook parents visited the White House during the 2 years PRIOR to Sandy Hook……….”

Sandy Hook Hoax Denier: Internet Troll Submits Sick Comment To Moralmatters


“The following is a Moralmatters ‘dashboard’ sample of what Moralmatters sometimes receives as submitted comments. Of course, comments like the one copied below are placed into the spam facility.

It’s easy to discern those who are Internet trolls. They…………..

Oregon Shooting Manifesto: The Sure Sign Of A Hoax


“………………Why is it that all of these fake perpetrators have the presence of mind to leave behind a manifesto?…………….”

Barack and Michelle Obama celebrate the wickedly contrived Sandy Hook School alleged “shooting” massacre

Please note the mini commentary in concert with the 3 pics and their captions – and, also the short youtube video. Also, please check out all the related informational links below: Is there no end to the lies perpetrated upon the American public by this White House (usurper) occupier? How many… Read more“Barack and Michelle Obama celebrate the wickedly contrived Sandy Hook School alleged “shooting” massacre”

Sandy Hook “shooting” massacre scandal: Follow the money

Please note the short youtube video and the one comment registered after the Sandy Hook “news” piece: What parent would need the inducement of monetary gain to begin mourning the loss of his or her child? “For me I’m just getting the opportunity to mourn because it took… Read more“Sandy Hook “shooting” massacre scandal: Follow the money”