Hugh Hefner Hedonist: How Many Souls Did He Lead Astray?


“With the passing of an apparent unrepentant Hefner, Satan has now fully claimed one of his own……………”

Tranny Wannabe Hormone Sex Therapy: Soft Genocide Irony


…………Yeah, said the young snowflake stud who doesn’t want to grow up:

“All my problems will be solved after I transition from male to female.”

“Woe, woe, woe,” says the dumb snowflake, after he finds himself unable to get it on……….

SCOTUS Finds for Fiction and Iniquity 5-4: By Laurie Higgins


“………….This pernicious SCOTUS decision also provides evidence that the moral arc of America—at least with regard to marriage—bends not toward justice, wisdom, or morality but, rather, toward perversity and injustice. Liberals are once again on the shameful side of history and will once again foment cultural conflict and human suffering.”

Christian Leaders Courageous Declaration: Will Oppose Supreme Court Decision Legalizing Same Sex Unions As Marriage


Don’t expect Christian church bodies and organizations to take a stand. Some of them are too busy enabling our White House criminal ID (forgery) fraud to host illegal aliens……..

……..It’s refreshing to witness individual Christian leaders ban together, affixing their signatures to a document in full support of marriage – the same traditional “marriage” that has always been recognized as genuine marriage. That………”

January 2013 article links

About 20% of the January articles [below – scroll down] dealt with the alleged Sandy Hook shooting massacre. Please note that this web page is primarily for the author to keep track and organize various links which he then intends to categorize and copy and paste on the various… Read more“January 2013 article links”

Why same sex unions are a perversion of God’s intended order

It’s clear from the divine (written) revelation of Holy Scripture that the Triune God desired for the male gender to have a suitable counterpart. Adam was specially created, as was Eve. Adam and Eve and the animal kingdom were two separate “entities.” God never sanctioned bestiality. He only sanctioned [approved of] the… Read more“Why same sex unions are a perversion of God’s intended order”