The False Reality Event That Transformed Human And Hereafter History


Human history is a torrent flow of false reality fraud. False realities (also know as false flags, hoaxes, psyops, psychological operations) are happenings (events) which result from evil contrivance and pre-planning, initiated by certain (behind the scenes) “powers that be,” influential people.

These false reality scheming and wicked planners operate by trickery, stealth and deceit. They utilize planned events (often feigned) and crisis actors to foment propaganda among the populace for the purpose (goal) of a particular outcome. That goal always is intended to manipulate the populace by propaganda and fear…………………………..

A Thousand Tongues


“Moralmatters desires to share with you this Sunday, a posting from his other (lesser known) website: ……….

Pope Francis Erroneously Disses Personal Faith Apart From Catholicism

…….This Moralmatters Christian emeritus pastor [author] is not surprised that pope Francis has parroted the traditional [and erroneous] Catholic teaching that priceless souls must come by way of the Catholic Church in order to enter into heaven’s blessed graces……..