Academic Education Is Built Upon The False Heliocentric Foundation

“Modern academic education is based upon major unevidenced, theories. For instance, that Earth is a spherical ball and that a magical force called “gravity” glues the oceans to Earth’s surface as it allegedly spins approximately 1,000 mph at the equator and allegedly rotates around the Sun @ 66 X 1,000 mph, fantastic speed.

Current political correctness academic education eagerly adopts the “heliocentric” theory. That unproven theory has…………..”

NASA Shows Earth Not Spinning


“……………Yet, the U.S. Government propaganda agency, NASA, would have everyone believe in the fantastic earth and space ‘model’ that some mysterious force called, ‘gravity’ prevents us from floating or falling off this alleged speed demon (curvature / spherical) earth. At least, that’s what all of us peons are supposed to believe and accept. Then why doesn’t NASA illustrate that spinning earth with all that material which it releases for public consumption?……………….”