Soros Funds Crisis Actors: Post-Election Protests Are Staged


………..Don’t be fooled! It’s all fake and staged.

The Control System has overplayed its hand with so many hoax “mass shootings,” hoax civil disobedience events and all the over-the-top screaming and whining about everything, all the time.

The majority of people have awakened to the deception, and most of the awake people understand that these fake news stories about post-election “protests” are LIES.

People are sick and tired of all the fake events and they’re just not buying into these ridiculous news stories about all these butt-hurt “protesters.”……….

Sheriff Clarke: His Crisis Acting Milwaukee Propaganda Mission


…………..Why would blacks reportedly lay waste to their own city; their own neighborhoods, if they were too busy (according to Sheriff Clarke) doing drugs and seeding unmarried women with offspring they had (and have) no intentions of fathering?

The dirty “secret”…………..