Muslim Refugees Eschew Pork But Live Like Pigs


“Some beggars never learn that they are at the mercy of those who host them. Such is the case with Muslim refugees. Note the informational link and excerpt below.

Also, consider how political correctness ‘charity’ is an ill-advised practice for governmental national security and greatly harms the well-being status quo of a nation’s natives…………….”

The Pope’s Message To America: Do As I Say Not As I Do


“………..It is clear that pope Francis had his agenda set with his September 2015 visit to America. It was not a visit to proclaim Christ. It was a visit to partner with……….

……….Two of the major subjects pope Francis trumpeted were the falsity of [man-made] global warming climate change and the open-arm acceptance of illegal immigrants and alien refugees.

Pope Francis likes to propagandize the false reality that he is the common people’s pope……….”

Obama And Pope Francis Share The Same Lie: Global Warming Climate Change


“The following pic was found on the web:……………..”

Illegal Aliens Keep Pouring In: Call Congress Now To Stand Up To Obama

It is absolutely vitally important to flood Congressional phone lines with your objections to the aka Obama contrived efforts to flood America with illegal aliens. Please call the Congressional phone number, now. Implore the political leaders who are paid by your taxes to stand up to the White House criminal ID fraud and block his efforts to drown America with illegal aliens!

The main switchboard: 1-202-224-3121

Illegal Alien Invasion: Shameless Catholics And Baptists Consorted With Criminal Obama

It is disingenuous, hypocritical and wicked, on the part of [tax exempt] religious groups, to collude with big government’s criminal [illegal — behind the scenes] actions of orchestrated illegal alien human trafficking. The criminal ID fraud, aka Obama federal government, bypasses existing immigration laws and then subversively encourages — and (illegal) enables minors and adults to steal their way across the United States border, putting at physical risk [harm’s way] these same children and adults, as they are subject to journey hardships, nefarious “coyotes” and drug cartel criminal, dangers.

The Illegal Alien Issue: Moralmatters Adds A New Resource Page

Please note the Moralmatters resource page called “Illegal Alien Issue.” There you will find all the Moralmatters articles (and commentaries) authored on this issue: