Sheriff Clarke: His Crisis Acting Milwaukee Propaganda Mission


…………..Why would blacks reportedly lay waste to their own city; their own neighborhoods, if they were too busy (according to Sheriff Clarke) doing drugs and seeding unmarried women with offspring they had (and have) no intentions of fathering?

The dirty “secret”…………..

Dallas Ambush Fraud: Expect More Government Staged Shootings


“……………..Please note that all the chaos has been planned and that almost all of the participants have been recruited, trained, and paid by George Soros. The end game goal is to cause something terrible to occur, something that would trigger the immediate implementation of Martial Law and worse.

But remember that this is just a goal for the Control System, and our awareness of the situation enables us to help others to remain calm as the fake agitators try to stir everyone into a frenzy.

If we know what is coming, we will not need to get wrapped up in the false narratives or the anger they provoke.

In other words, if more people are aware that we are all being played, then it is far less likely that the desired violent outcome will occur.

We do not need to respond to triggers that will make us act out or fight with one another if we understand that the Control System is putting all of these events and agendas into play in an effort to program us to behave like animals.”

Dallas Ambush, Louisiana And Minnesota Shootings: Coordinated False Realities


……………..The perpetrator crisis actor is reportedly an ex military guy. He allegedly perished at the scene; blown up by a robotic maneuver. # 1 crisis actor, criminal ID forgery fraud Obama involves himself. Also, his Attorney General, puppet Loretta Lynch publicly speaks directly about the event. the same puppet Attorney General who allowed criminal Benghazi / email-scandal ridden, Hillary Clinton to go scot-free……………..

Ku Klux Klan Anaheim Rally Stabbings: Another False Reality


“………..It’s a pleasant relief to have a break from propaganda mainstream media whoredom news of “shooting” false realities:……….

……..How come we never hear and see reported by the government back pocket mainstream media whore, violence like this at a Black Panther rally?

However, Moralmatters doesn’t think that this apparent contrived violence will have politicians calling for bans on cutting instruments (aka, knives, machetes, etc.) That would be politically incorrect. That catcall would offend Muslims………….”

University Of Cincinnati Alleged White Cop Killing Black: Reality Check


“It’s getting old; government contrived and media enabling propaganda false reality events. How are honest, intelligent and informed Americans supposed to believe all these alleged ‘news’ events about white on black killings? Where in the mainstream media news, are reports of real black on black killings? Is it that the aka Obama back-pocket propaganda mainstream media don’t care to report on that Chicago city, which will be host for the criminal White House ID forgery fraud’s ‘Presidential Library of Lies?’……………

……………..Think of it, for a moment. The black population in America comprises about………..”

Racist Obama


“Much can be said about ‘connecting dots.’ It’s like a particular science, such as adding 2+2. Honest and decent people……………”

Victicrats: Convenient Crybabies For Obama Cabal’s Vile Victimhood Strategy


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> As a consequence of the recent events outlined above, a few classes of “victims” have been set up as potential enemies to fight against each other:

Whites versus Blacks
Gays versus Christians
Blacks versus Gays

The Control System fully understands the advantages of pushing people of opposing groups into conflict because, as long as those groups are fighting each other, they will not pay much attention to what the Control System is doing to destroy the Church of Jesus Christ, to dismantle the U.S. Constitution, and to finish off the United States as a sovereign nation and as a World Power. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>