Obama, Michelle And Hillary Can Face A Similar Historical Fate: Italian Resistance Movement


“Will history repeat itself in similar fashion with the treasonous aka Obama cabal? Could our criminal White House ID (forgery) fraud, aka Obama, his First Fake Lady and Hillary Clinton be hanging from meat hooks?……..

………Only problem being – could there be 3 readily accessible ropes, 2 of which would be adequate enough to string up the hefty self-appointed Fat Czar, Michelle, and the dead weight, scandal-ridden pant suit, Benghazi butcher?”…………

Why Is America Still in Afghanistan?

It has been this web author’s continued opinion that America’s enemies desire our country to be embroiled overseas in Afghanistan to sap our financial resources and destroy American lives. With 10 years presence in this Muslim culture the country continues to be run by Muslim traditions with little if no American influence exerted upon… Read more“Why Is America Still in Afghanistan?”