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Ohio State Knifing False Reality: Watch The Press Conference Over-Kill

False reality motives aren’t that difficult to figure out. especially during the White House occupation of aka (criminal) Obama. He and his corrupt government continue their crimes against peace contrived and staged propaganda / violence events. They serve two major purposes. First, to divert the public attention. These false realities are great “smoke screen” devices.

Caricature pic of mainstream media FOX Network, Obama and mainstream media enabling, Sean Hannity. There isn't a major piece of "news" that is daily disseminated that Hannity won't peddle as genuine reality. His lack of prudence and other factors will not allow him to recognize government / media false reality events.

Caricature pic of mainstream propaganda media whore, FOX Network’s, Sean Hannity. There isn’t a major piece of “news” that is daily disseminated that Hannity won’t peddle as genuine reality. His lack of prudence and other factors will not allow him to recognize government / media false reality events. Please note: San Bernardino False Reality Shooting And Prostitutes Of Mainstream Media Whoredom –

Secondly, government sanctioned false realities always are intended to strike fear into the public. They are designed to highlight the increasing (false) need for more government control. Hence, following these staged events, mainstream media churns out various propaganda to stereotype individuals or segments of the population. This machination has the purpose of keeping the bigot / racial pot stirring.

Focus on the narrative of the mainstream media whores. Multiple news pieces will brow-beat these propaganda events to death. Here’s one example: “Ohio State suspect was ‘scared’ to publicly pray as a Muslim, student paper reported” This propaganda article is designed to elicit sympathy for Muslims inside the United States and Muslim illegal alien “refugees” who are hell-bent to not conform to American culture, but rather transform it to the likeness of their own Middle East culture. 

One major telltale sign of a contrived and staged event is the immediate and (seemingly) endless aftermath public media coverage, which is designed to set “in stone” the historical narrative. Public officials are full of knowledge details about the event even before any legitimate criminal investigation has concluded.

Those interviewed by the mainstream media propaganda whores have rehearsed their scripted lines. They attempt to act normal. But their facial body language usually betrays them. Often they attempt to play cool and normal as Gov. John Kasich. But keep a watchful eye in the video below. View him fidget. Notice how he squirms. He does not desire to be on the scene. But that is his over-kill role. To certify that the Ohio State Univ. knifing false reality “really” did happen and that the U.S. populace is supposed to believe this crisis acting event.

Also note the facial body language of the black-haired female while Gov. Kasich speaks. She, like Kasich aren’t very good political crisis actors.  They are moderately adept at lying to your face. But, once the media camera is squarely focused on someone else, their background body language speaks volumes.

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“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe. When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” – [Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel]

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