Democrats Don’t Talk Dirty: They Do Dirty


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GOP Suicide: Republicans Drink Compromise Poison


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What distinguishes the Republican Party from the Democrat Party? Not much. Certainly, the two political parties possess different platform paperwork. But when did politicians – especially GOP politicians ever………..”

Obama And Other Democrats Continue To Lie About The Flood Of Illegal Aliens

America could stimulate its economy if it dealt harshly with lying politicians. Hordes of citizens would buy “Made in America” ropes to volunteer them for the next dishonorable, politician punished……..

Obama’s Mental Illness

Obama’s Malignant Narcissism –    Directly related to the above – Note the various informational links by clicking on the following Moralmatters topic page: Barack Obama’s Mental Illness – Obama’s Malignant Narcissism – ______________________________________________   Please note the 2 informational links: U.S. Constitution Online – The… Read more“Obama’s Mental Illness”

Obama proves, again, he is not a Christian

Obama again evidences that he is not a genuine Christian – Also, attempts to molest Scripture by misapplying it Obama endorses gay ‘marriage’: says support based on Jesus, Golden Rule – Comments: Christ taught His followers that they were to judge a tree by its fruit.  A person’s actions and… Read more“Obama proves, again, he is not a Christian”

4/12/12 – Bogus Prayer by Those With Blood on Their Hands

“Planned Parenthood launches ‘40 Days of Prayer’ for abortion:” This (bogus) effort by this California Planned Parenthood affiliate group, is sham and hypocrisy. Their prayers will not reach the Triune God. I am reminded of Shakespeare’s, “Hamlet.” Hamlet’s father was the king until his brother (Hamlet’s uncle) murdered him to… Read more“4/12/12 – Bogus Prayer by Those With Blood on Their Hands”

4/11/12 – The Historical Jesus Christ

For those who have a difficult time conceiving of the historical, Jesus Christ – the same person prophesied in the Hebrew Scriptures and whose life is described in the “Christian” New Testament Scriptures: I ask myself:  “Why are the 4 Gospel New Testament historical documents so often overlooked and even… Read more“4/11/12 – The Historical Jesus Christ”