Russian Ambassador Reported Assassination: Analyze The Alleged Event


………………Please take the time to watch and listen to the 19 minute video (linked below). The YouTube (alternative media) author examines the alleged assassination of the Russian Ambassador, Andrey Karlov. The YouTube author compares and contrasts this recent “‘assassination,’ event” with that of the “Roanoke VA False Reality Shooting.” He also, in the process, exposes the Sandy Hook “shooting massacre” false reality………………….

…………………History is defined by time; in moments, minutes, hours, days, years, decades and centuries. History is perceived by humans, as reality, whether real or revisionist. To those who desire to understand history, it is of most important to understand it, in terms of human actions and events, distinguishing the reality from the contrived, staged and counterfeit.

It is paramount to consider that not all human actions and events, are as they are [were] reported, alleged and finally documented. It is always wise to………………..

Police State Find Their Lone White Christian Homo-Hating Domestic Terrorist


“An interesting piece appeared on James Tracy’s excellent website. It illustrates the lengths corrupt U.S. Government will go to further……………”

Dallas Ambush Fraud: Expect More Government Staged Shootings


“……………..Please note that all the chaos has been planned and that almost all of the participants have been recruited, trained, and paid by George Soros. The end game goal is to cause something terrible to occur, something that would trigger the immediate implementation of Martial Law and worse.

But remember that this is just a goal for the Control System, and our awareness of the situation enables us to help others to remain calm as the fake agitators try to stir everyone into a frenzy.

If we know what is coming, we will not need to get wrapped up in the false narratives or the anger they provoke.

In other words, if more people are aware that we are all being played, then it is far less likely that the desired violent outcome will occur.

We do not need to respond to triggers that will make us act out or fight with one another if we understand that the Control System is putting all of these events and agendas into play in an effort to program us to behave like animals.”

U.S. Government Spying: Immoral Surveillance And Subversive Activities Against Americans


…………………Government (and corporate) sponsored spying, extends much further than “surveillance.” That malevolent activity mushrooms into elaborate programs of propaganda and Cyberspace deception on a global scale……………………….

The False Reality Police Shooting Of Walter Scott


“Please note the 2 short videos and related informational links following the Moralmatters mini-commentary:

Informed and honest Americans are increasingly aware of the proliferation of government / media contrived false reality events (aka, government and media contrived propaganda and violence events). Patriotic, traditional and Constitutional Americans are fully aware, that we have, acting as chief executive, the criminal White House ID (forgery) fraud, aka Obama. He has done nothing but pervert reality, righteousness and honesty. He……..

………When this Moralmatters author first saw the shaky short video of a white policemen gunning down a black fellow who had fled his person, he was very suspicious. His first thought was: ‘Where did this video come from?’ Surveillance videos don’t operate like this obvious staged video. Ever witness Facebook staged videos? They are a dime-a-dozen. Videos are set in motion because someone desires a particular “event” to be captured, so viewers can see and hear, and become emotionally stirred.

The second noticeable red flag was……….”

Barf News From Mainstream Media: Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax Trial Of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

3/26/15 – Note: Since posting this Moralmatters article there has been added 2 informational links following the 2nd video.


Where there is a government contrived propaganda / violence event, featuring crisis actor perpetrators and “victims,” it logically follows that there will be a subsequent hoax trial featuring the captured crisis acting criminal (s).

Please note, after the short Moralmatters mini-commentary, 2 Peekay Boston videos, exposing the (so-called) ‘Boston Marathon Bombing’ hoax trial:

Pop your popcorn and grab your favorite beverage. Keep informed via Tabloid News about the fake Boston Marathon Bombing Trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Admire the…………..”

Moralmatters Commends Various You Tube Channel Authors


This afternoon this Moralmatters author visited a couple of his friends. Without this author bringing up this website or the subject of “conspiracy theories,” one of these two dear friends alluded to “Conspiracy Theory.” (This friend, apparently cannot accept the reality that government and mainstream media have colluded over the past 20 years to produce nefarious “contrived government and media propaganda and violence events).”

Mind you, Moralmatters does not choose his friends and acquaintances based upon whether they agree with him, or not. I was all ears when my friend expressed his conspiracy theory that a genuine conspiracy theory must have…………