Pope Francis Reportedly Doing Penance: Regrets His Donald Trump Remarks


“(Moralmatters.org) Undisclosed sources close to the Vatican say Pope Francis is in repentant mourning……..

……….The pontiff’s inner circle is tight-lipped about this latest papal embarrassment. However there are reports that Catholic Cardinals are meeting to discuss gift possibilities which Pope Francis may have at his disposal, to offer to “the Donald” and to Trump’s umpteen millions of American Catholic voter supporters.

One source,……..”

Franklin Graham: Is His “Campaign for God” Penance For Helping Elect Obama?


“This Moralmatters author is elated that Rev. Franklin Graham is initiating his “Campaign For God.” It is laudable that Graham traverse this United States to encourage Christians to run for political office. But, shouldn’t Rev. Graham first extend his public apologies to America for having assisted the criminal ID forgery fraud, crimes against humanity world-wide terrorist and de facto ISIS Commander-In-Chief, aka Obama, in his usurpation of America’s White House?………………..”