#PizzaGate: Media Whore Megyn Kelly A Pretend Journalist


“A Moralmatters Reader offered the following title and large pic:……………”

#PizzaGate: Primer Video For Those New To The Pedophile Scandal

Please note the following short 15 minute video. Those who readily dismiss the PizzaGate pedophile scandal are those who……….”

#PizzaGate: How Mainstream Media Propaganda Whores Protect The Pedophile Pervs


“If you ever desired some inside skinny how mainstream media propaganda operates, look no further. The following 10 minute video illustrates:………

……….The video is an excellent example how the mainstream media propaganda whores obfuscate. how they arrogantly ignore evidence, how they………..”

Sexuality And Gender Issues: Moralmatters Adds A New Resource Topic Page


>>>>>>>> [Caption] – “The above pic was found on the web with the description: “Now They Can Pretend To Be Having A Monthly. Whatever Was Left Of The Culture Just Went Out The Window With This.” Also found: >>>>>>>>>>>>

Molestation By Five Supreme Court Justices: Unlawfully Ramrodding The LGBT Agenda Down America’s Throat


< <<<<<<<<< A Moralmatters reader weighs in on the recent Supreme Court decision of which 5 SC justices bent over for LGBT activists. Due to homosexual activists' molesting nature, the will of the people vis-a-vis multiple state referendums wasn't good enough for them. Instead they circled around to the high court's "back-door" and found weak-kneed court justices to perform their aberrant wishes. The federal government has no moral or legal right to dictate a student's academic education. Unfortunately, and to the culture's demise, big government has presumed the role of nanny educator. Isn't it a wonderful thing for individual states >>>>>>>>>>>