Aka “O” Admin. To Unveil Economy-Killing “Clean Power Plan”


“………This new plan will force people to find energy to heat their homes from any possible source given the new scarcities being imposed. In other words, anyone who has only limited access to solar energy will be left to suffer dire consequences when this Communist Plan is fully implemented………..”

Moralmatters Adds A New Topic Page: Overpopulation Myth

Please note the new subject page added to this Moralmatters website:

Overpopulation Myth – moralmatters.org

As always, the various topics (which include many related informational links) appear on the right side of every Moralmatters page. Scroll down and locate:

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The Myth Of Human Global Overpopulation Depicted In 3 Pictures


“………….Sadly and pathetically, earth’s humans have never followed Creator God’s First Direct Command of Genesis 1:28. Fallen mankind’s inherent sinful nature is always prone to circumvent what Creator / Savior God, ordained. Hence, (among many other wicked travesties) are the cursed proliferation of conspiratorial human global overpopulation fanatics.

Please note the following 3 revealing pictures and subsequent script, which debunk the myth of human global overpopulation. Also note the related informational links below the 4th pic: ………”

Obama Neo-Nazi Eugenics Ebola Czar: Elitist Ron Klain


“………Please take a 1 minute (moment) [below] to listen to aka Obama’s new Ebola Czar. Note his elitist flawed and arrogant mentality as he mouths 2 major myths – human overpopulation and man-made global warming…………”