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Maybe Mark Levin is too busy promoting his latest book on the The US Constitution, appearing on the FOX Network Hannity Show, to genuinely recognize the obvious. He talks big about the Constitution but then disses "birthers" who desire to follow the Constitution. He is another "Conservative" hypocrite and Obama enabler and co-conspirator.

Apparently, Constitutional “expert,” Mark Levin, is too busy promoting his latest book. He talks big about the Constitution but then disses “birthers” who desire to follow the Constitution. He is another “Constitutional” (conservative) hypocrite,Obama enabler and co-conspirator, helping to  further Obama’s deception fraud, visited upon America.

Definitions as per Webster’s New World Dictionary; College Ed. – c. 1959 & 1953-1959:

*  “Criminal”- “1. Having the nature of crime; wrong:  immoral…..”

*  “Crime” – “…. 3. An offense against morality; sin…..”


If this author’s recall serves me correctly, I remember the former Reagan Administration aid, Mark Levin, and self-proclaimed US Constitution supporter radio talk show host, ridiculing “birthers.”

This Moralmatters author is convinced that Levin, took a page out of the lib propaganda playbook which calls for its goose stepping followers to ridicule that which you cannot gainsay. It’s the old illogical ploy used in debate to negatively stereotype your opponents. For those familiar with the fallacies of logic; it’s called, “poisoning the well.”

Furthermore, this author has become weary of only calling, “Constitutional” and “Conservative” (nationally familiar) personalities, “Obama enablers.” A more accurate description is, “Obama enablers and criminal co-conspirators.” Why? Because they not only enable (help) Obama to further his ID deception and fraud; but they also, (because of their “‘omission’ silence” over Obama’s ID fraud) actually enjoin themselves to Obama’s ID criminal deception fraud. Hence, they are as criminally guilty as a hoodlum shooting gangster get-a-way driver. Please note the following past Moralmatters commentary explaining about  Allen West’s “political sin of omission:”

Col. Allen West’s political sin of omission against America

Levin, along with other national talk show hosts, is not only an Obama enabler, but a criminal co-conspirator (of “silence”)  over Obama’s criminal ID forgery and fraud. Where is Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and other “Conservative” nationally recognized talk show hosts on the specific issue of Obama’s forged ID birth certificate which has now been exposed by the Sheriff Arpaio Investigation to be a fake document riddled with criminally fraudulent tinkering? Are they too high and mighty that they cannot help expose and highlight that which is criminal and has deceived a whole (US) nation and world? Why aren’t they stepping up to the political plate and doing their part in exposing Obama for the wicked person that he is? [1] [2] [3] [4]  Do they love their popularity and big-time money more than “truth, justice and the American way?” Are they too busy building comfortable retirement nest eggs to concern themselves with America’s preservation and future?

This Moralmatters author doesn't doubt Mark Levin's sincerity. But, he is like a guilty on-looker watching a child cross a railroad track as the train rounds the bend. Levin , like Allen West are guilty of political sins of omission.

This Moralmatters author doesn’t doubt Mark Levin’s personal sincerity. But, he is like a guilty (do nothing) on-looker, watching a child walk toward a railroad track as a train approaches. Levin, like Allen West, and a host of others, are guilty of political sins of omission by being an Obama enabler and criminal co-conspirator.

Based upon their screaming silence, over the fraudulent Obama evil that has been perpetrated upon America, it can be concluded that these self-proclaimed “Conservative” talk show hosts, are cowards along with Col Allen West, and many current US Congressional (politician) occupants – senators and representatives. Surely they must realize that Obama came to be our nation’s de facto chief executive by virtue of his perpetrated deception fraud and that Obama is not the de jure [legal] US President as the electorate intended him to be! To state it in another manner; Obama came to be the White House occupier by hook and crook, as he usurped that office via campaign and election [ID] forgery. That is why he is a de facto “president” rather than a legitimate President, de jure (by law). Is Obama’s many scandals a surprise? Is it a wonder why he continues to ignore American Constitutional law and circumvent (at every turn) its legislative processes, since he, himself, is the office “product” of lawlessness!

The Scriptural divine revelation states: “To him that knows to do good and does it not; to him it is sin.” – James 4:17 – NKJV

Please note a definition of “political sin” in the following link: Col. Allen West’s political sin of omission against America

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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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