Gruber’s Gloating: Will Spilling The Beans Be Catastrophic For Obamacare?


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Obamacare Scam: Moralmatters Spotlights Obama Healthcare Swindle Servant Jonathan Gruber


…………..It is this Moralmatters author’s view, that Obamacare — (aka “added insurance taxes”) forced upon working Americans, super-sized Obamacare premiums. Those high expenditure pecuniary whippings upon Middle Class Americans, had to first be in place to make room for all of Obama’s new illegal “immigrant” alien children — all being “hosted” on the American “taxpayers’ dime.”

Wicked criminal ID fraud aka Obama and his close-knit handlers aren’t willy-nilly as to their malevolent machinations for this United States. They are the modern-day Machavillian progenitors of those who have always hated America, its non-Communistic, free-enterprise — and especially traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America. Shall we also include, “‘Christian’ America,” added to the socialist hate mongering list?………….

Understanding the Obamacare scam in simple terms

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