Obama Threw Too Many Under His Bus: It’s Coming Back To Bite Him


“…………There is now an open revolt amongst his military top brass and, amongst the intelligence community. The intelligence community is leaking like crazy to the press. …………..”

Obama Full of Lies and Fresh BS

The Following pic was found on the web, entitled:  “Fresh BS.” Please also note this Moralmatters.org mini commentary with multiple internal links, related links; and, the pic’s Moralmatters caption: Hopefully, more Americans will understand who and what Obama is, since his Obamacare debacle. Sensible, informed and honest Americans can only… Read more“Obama Full of Lies and Fresh BS”

Obama: A highly troubled and scandal-ridden man

This week Obama has been in Europe. Presently, he is visiting Russia. Maybe some of you have noticed that Obama has been doing more “presidential” traveling. That ploy has historical roots. US Presidents escape their personal and political scandals by traveling and having their mainstream media focus the attention on… Read more“Obama: A highly troubled and scandal-ridden man”

Obamacare: Pictorial description

Related – Note the Hypocrisy: Obamacare Scam – moralmatters.org/2012/05/08/ ________________________________ Note – The following link provides contact information to our nation’s top political personalities.They are the elected leaders: The Complete List of Email Addresses and Fax Numbers for the U.S. Congress and Governors – conservativeusa.org/ Also – U.S. Constitution Online –… Read more“Obamacare: Pictorial description”

Scandal within a scandal: Obama’s absence during the Benghazi terrorist attack

What was it that personally inconvenienced Obama from performing his Commander-in-Chief job the night and morning that resulted in the needless deaths of 4 Americans? Surely we must assume that there is another scandal (yet to be fully uncovered) within the (already) Obama Benghazi Scandal. Else Obama would be forthcoming… Read more“Scandal within a scandal: Obama’s absence during the Benghazi terrorist attack”

Scandal ridden Obama Presidency: Short summary

Short summary of a scandal ridden Obama Presidency  Related: OBAMA, HOLDER AMONG ‘MOST CORRUPT POLITICIANS’ – America’s top elected leader makes ethically challenged list yet again – wnd.com/2011/12/ Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony breathes new meaning into the proverbial and guttural description of “lying bitch” – moralmatters.org/2013/01/24/ Democratic National Convention nominates… Read more“Scandal ridden Obama Presidency: Short summary”

Obama “Blame Bush” conspiracy theorist disciple: Prescription by Moralmatters.org goes unheeded

Note to Moralmatters.org Readers:  After reading the following, I ask that you “weigh in” with your comments. This blog author has given “Dawn” an opportunity to comment; followed by my gracious prescription for her. Apparently, as witnessed by her further comments, she has spurned the (healing) prescription advice: Obama “Blame… Read more“Obama “Blame Bush” conspiracy theorist disciple: Prescription by Moralmatters.org goes unheeded”