Obama Promotes LGBTTTT Perversion


………………The great Barack Obama himself was carefully prepared to finish the task of turning the United States into the most permissive and promiscuous society in the world. Obama was schooled and trained, brainwashed and mind-controlled to accomplish this particular goal. And he has been successful – to the chagrin of millions of Americans who are still shell-shocked by (his) “fundamental transformation of America.”…………………

Obama Narcissism Breeds Unbounded Hypocrisy


“The large cartoon pic (below) was found on the web.

Rarely does Moralmatters care to highlight the criminal White House (forgery) fraud, aka Obama in a cartoon, because cartoons often convey………………”

Rule Of Thumb: Question The News Of The Day And Be Skeptical


………..Note the large pic below and how narcissist and lifestyle liar, criminal ID fraud, aka Obama plays news media big shot publicity hound:

Obama Goes Macho on Ebola: Cancels Fundraiser, Hugs & Kisses Nurses! – canadafreepress.com

If you aren’t skeptical about aka Obama’s photo op performances and the recent mainstream media’s coverage of him, vis-a-vis the “ebola cured nurse,” then, this Moralmatters author questions you, the viewer and reader. He questions your………..

What is White House Photographer Pete Souza thinking, as he observes aka Obama? Is he bracing himself for “Barack” to implode?

Please also note the paragraph script under the following pic; also the related links following the revealing pic: Why does aka Obama spend so much time (and the taxpayers’ monies) flying around the United States campaigning for this and for that? Does he have travel ants in his pants; or,… Read more“What is White House Photographer Pete Souza thinking, as he observes aka Obama? Is he bracing himself for “Barack” to implode?”

Obama’s narcissistic personality disorder: A summary description

Please note the informational links following the pic; especially check out the interesting comment, video and link offered by “captdax:” The following picture was found on the web – entitled:  “You Make the Call:” Related to the above pic, about aka Obama’s “narcissistic personality disorder” – Note the Moralmatters page which… Read more“Obama’s narcissistic personality disorder: A summary description”

Obama milking the death of Nelson Mandela

It has been approximately 5 years since aka Obama became America’s White House gangster occupier. One reoccurring and consistent trait of this ID fraud usurper has been his personal narcissism. Aka Obama can’t seem to say or do anything unless an event or sound bite,  revolves around him. The recent… Read more“Obama milking the death of Nelson Mandela”