Obama Unfit For President: He’s A Terrorist Monster


“When you aid and abet the enemy, it makes you one of them. When you become a terrorist accomplice, it makes you a terrorist. Please note the evidencing informational links following the large pic:………….”

France False Reality: Nice Stage Truck Attack


“Moralmatters thinks that the only real nutty conspiracy theorists out there are the ones who believe mainstream media whoredom events like the latest, coming out of Nice, France……………”

Obama’s Flint, Michigan Water Crisis Photo-Op: He Remains A Devil


“He never changes. He always uses every opportunity. The White House criminal ID forgery fraud manipulates mainstream media to make himself (out) to be, what he is not.

Aka Obama cravenly desires the public to believe that he is a compassionate person. He knows that he is not. He knows that he is a world-wide terrorist. He understands that he is de facto commander-in-chief of ISIS. He knows that he is a devil, doing his father’s bidding.

He knows………..”

Obama’s ISIS Funding: His Huge Lie About His Crimes Against Humanity


“The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies.” – Psalm 58:3 – KJV ………………….

Muslim “Refugees:” Crybaby Obama’s Lies And Ridicule Get Old


“The White House criminal ID forgery fraud, and lifestyle deceiver, aka Obama, is at it again; lying and ridiculing:…………….”

Hillary’s 3rd Finger And Criminal Co-Conspirator Obama’s Callous Response To Bill Clinton


>>>>>>>>> After all the available evidence is honestly and logically considered, Hillary Clinton deserves no better than to be, behind bars or dangling from an execution’s rope. Her treasonous crimes against this United States are on par with our current >>>>>>>>>>