Trump Presidency Justice: Only One Way To Make America Great Again


“No one makes America ‘great again’ by ignoring treasonous actions against this United States.

You don’t ‘make America great again’ by allowing criminal politicians to run wild.

No one ‘makes America great again’ by allowing criminals of this Constitutional Republic to go without punishment………………..”

Obama Celebrating 82-Year-Old Hitler Anniversary


“…………It is no secret that criminal ID (forgery) fraud, has been a long time admirer of last Century’s First Nazi. So great, is Obama’s esteem………….”

Beware of Obama Who Immediately Accuses: He Blames Russia For Downing Flight 17

“It’s wise to put one’s mind in “suspect mode” when one hears of accusations being hurled. Analyze and be on the look-out for sanctimony and hypocrisy…….”

Transgender Sympathizer Obama Responsible For Plaguing America With Deadly Diseases

…….His political policies are geared to strike down any objective, decent, honest and logical standards. By pursuing a political correctness “road” to “multicultural all-inclusiveness,” the criminal White House usurper is essentially striking down (and destroying) traditionally wise and objective standards of human behavior……..

More Obama Smoke Screens: Traverses America Speaking of False Crisis Concerns

“…….Let’s not forget how treasonous aka Obama would like Americans to overlook the reality of him using American taxpayer dollars to fund his choice of Muslim terrorist American enemies. [Note links below]…….”

Wacky Uncontrolled Obama: Witness For Yourself The 4 Minute Video

“…..Also, please stop the video at 3:55. Look at that face. That face of Obama is bordering on the demonic. [2] [3]….

Obama: Enemy of America And Friend Of America’s Enemies

“When Obama and Sec. of State Hillary Clinton presided over the solemn ceremony of the 4 Benghazi terrorist slain Americans; their body language had “guilty as hell” all written over them.”