Obama: Enemy of America And Friend Of America’s Enemies

“When Obama and Sec. of State Hillary Clinton presided over the solemn ceremony of the 4 Benghazi terrorist slain Americans; their body language had “guilty as hell” all written over them.”

Obama Likely The Sinister Kidnapping Criminal Behind The Missing Malaysian Aircraft

“……When Obama is indicted and brought to trial there will be no shortage of charges brought against him for his crimes against humanity……”

The Nuremberg Trials: Historical Lesson Plan To Prosecute Obama Conspirators

It’s imperative that wicked individuals such as aka Obama and his Attorney General be indicted, prosecuted, sentenced and duly punished for their multiple crimes against humanity.

Bari’s White House Secretary Of Bullshit: Jay Carney

Jay Carney demonically denied that the White House deliberately deceived the world about the 9/11/12 Benghazi Massacre.