Moralmatters Website Update: August 9, 2016


“If you desire to more swiftly access Moralmatters, type in the following, in your URL bar: Sandy Hook

You will be immediately transported to a Google search page. There you will (presently) view, as the first link:

Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax –

Click on that link and you will be immediately transported to the Moralmatters website…………………”

Depravity Of Man: The Depravity Of Human Nature


Please note (below) the related Moralmatters articles at the end of the “Total Depravity Verse List.”

Also note that the following article’s contents can be utilized as an extensive helpful resource in pointing out to misguided and arrogant individuals (who accept without question) what their governments and enabling mainstream media tell them. We live in a world of lies. As such, it takes wise and informed individuals to distinguish deception from reality / truth…………….

Transgender Driven Obama: His Restroom Obsession


“The White House criminal ID forgery fraud is true to his corrupt nature. His usurping government has directed that all public restrooms (bathrooms) be accessible to those who call themselves ‘transgenders.’ In aka Obama’s perverted mind, male and female restrooms are unfair, bigoted and Neanderthal………………..”

NASA Space Operations Filmed Underwater: Peekay22 One Minute Video


“The shorter the YouTube video, the more likely more people are to watch and listen. Please indulge yourself with the 1:20 minute “Peekay22″ video (linked below)……………”

A Thousand Voices


“I was summoned via phone at 6:45 a.m. by Mom, who said something was wrong with Dad. He couldn’t get out of be to prepare for his confirmation class scheduled for later that morning.

I rushed over and found my father the victim of an apparent stroke. The left side of his body was paralyzed, and his speech – earnest but garbled – was barely recognizable.

I bent over and touched Dad and told him help was coming. Then I shared with him one of his favorite passages from Scripture: ‘Lead thou me to the rock that is higher than I’ (Ps. 61:3). Dad choked up, tears welling in his eyes, as he feebly tried to respond in paralyzed speech………………….”

Jade Helm Focus In Texas: Smoke Screen For Massive Illegal Alien Immigration


“Those who are skeptical of the federal government’s Jade Helm military exercise in the U.S. Southwest, are in reasonable company. Honest, intelligent and perceptive Americans know from the current corrupted government state of affairs, that our criminal White House ID forgery fraud is ‘forcing the illegal immigration issue.’ His lying words and disruptive actions are always evident, for all to witness.

The Jade Helm military exercise event to be sponsored by the Obama regime’s government, is likely the intentional…………..”

Mooned By NASA: The Propaganda Apollo Moon Landing Theatrical Event


“A Moralmatters reader left the following comment after the past commentary of: Americans Believed The Cold War Era Moon Landing Hoax: Still Do –

An apt description of gullibility can be found in the Divine Revelation of Scripture. Various Biblical passage sources help to explain why most humans are so easily swayed by corrupt government contrived propaganda – which of course, is parroted by a willing complacent back-pocket, evil mainstream media: …………….”