Planned Parenthood’s Militant And Heinous Agenda: Transgender Counseling And Hormone Therapy Services

………….Young children have NO NEED to learn anything about sex, about gender, about homosexuality, or about “gender identity.” These topics are not even comprehensible to very young children, and yet the state legislatures are working overtime to introduce these topics into the public schools to begin the indoctrination process that will lead to a high incidence of gender confusion among adolescents in the future.

Planned Parenthood ought to have all of its taxpayer funding stopped. It is anti-life, anti-individual, anti-social, anti-cultural and anti-Creator God. – Please note: Nazi Obama’s Planned Parenthood: Where Even Baby Body Parts “Have Their Usefulness” – Pic source: “GOP’s plan to defund Planned Parenthood will hit transgender community hard” –
Now we know why the state legislatures are trying to include this subject into the curricula of public schools: Planned Parenthood money and its substantial political influence are behind this agenda.

Few people know that Planned Parenthood has expanded its business model to include Transgender Counseling leading to Transgender Hormone Therapy………….

Bill O’Reilly: Propaganda Prostitute Of FOX Mainstream Media


………………..Sadly, perceptions can be very skewed. In the case of Bill O’Reilly, scores of dedicated viewers perceived O’Reilly to be genuine. when, in reality, O’Reilly was just another mainstream media propaganda prostitute, working for the FOX mainstream media network whore.

O’Reilly was part of the nefarious mainstream media propaganda network that was repeatedly parroting the “powers that be” (and shouldn’t be) daily soap opera programmed (scripted) “news.”……………………

Maxine Waters: Another Hypocrite Politician


“The following script and pic are compliments of a Moralmatters viewer:………………”

Champs-Élysées Paris Shooting: A Major Telltale Sign Of Its Staging


“The Paris shooting event on the eve of the French election had various telltale signs pointing to its contrivance and staging. The event was widely distributed by the mainstream media whores. That ‘over-kill’ practice often is a prominent sign of staging. The event also took place just prior Sunday’s French political election. Staged events have specific propaganda motives for their pre-planned public ‘appearances.’ One does not have to be a Sherlock Holmes to figure-out crimes against peace. The simple logical (reasonable) practice of ‘connecting the dots’ is often adequate in determining staged false flag events (aka, false realities, hoaxes, psyops)…………….”

Aaron Hernandez And Tim Tebow: The John 3:16 Connection


“………….Remember that the supposedly deceased Aaron Hernandez was a fallen football ‘hero,’ and thus it is easy to make the connection to Tim Tebow and conclude that the Control System (C/S) likely reported that Hernandez is dead for the specific purpose of mocking Tim Tebow – and mocking the faith of Christian Believers who put stock in Tebow’s claim that he is a Believer……………….”

Earth Day March For Science: A Worship Of Science And Technology


………….The Earth Day Environmental emphasis never was to “protect nature” and “earth” from man-made excesses, but a collectivist political entity. Now apparently that has served its purpose, and technology to save the world is to be the “buzzword” which rational thought would conclude to be the antithesis of Earth Day. Hegelian Dialectic in action. Worship the earth together with worshiping Science and Technology? Both being celebrated on the same day, Lenin’s Birthday!…………..

Champs-Élysées Paris Shooting: Another Staged Event


Yesterday’s event in Paris is a false flag/fake shooting in anticipation of the French elections (voting to start this coming Sunday, 4/23/2017).

“…………….France’s President Francois Hollande says he is convinced it was a terrorist attack.

Of course Hollande says that: his party (and his legacy) could get voted out of power in the Sunday’s election…………..”