Ben And David Rhodes: Benghazi Co-conspirator Sibling Devils

Please note the important informational links following the pic: Related Informational links to the above: CBS News President David Rhodes is Related to White House Senior Adviser Ben Rhodes – Breaking: Benghazi “Smoking Gun” Email Distributed to Muslim Brotherhood Agent – Bari’s White House Secretary Of Bullshit: Jay… Read more“Ben And David Rhodes: Benghazi Co-conspirator Sibling Devils”

Bari’s White House Secretary Of Bullshit: Jay Carney

Jay Carney demonically denied that the White House deliberately deceived the world about the 9/11/12 Benghazi Massacre.

Wicked Obama Mastermind Co-Conspirator Ben Rhodes Executes White House Benghazi Criminal Cover-up

“If a ruler pays attention to lies, all his servants become wicked.” – Proverbs 29:12 – NKJV

Military Drone Strike Against Bundy Ranch Patriotic Americans Authorized By Lawless US Attorney General Holder

“…….Obama’s top partner defense attorney has been reported to have authorized military drone strike operations to patriotic Americans who showed up with their support for Western rancher Cliven Bundy…….”

Criminal ID Fraud Obama Is Denied Asylum in Malaysia

Is aka Obama using his cavorting foreign tour to rest from domestic photo ops; or, is he attempting to reconnoiter near future escape routes?

Happy 3rd Birthday! Obama Fake Long Form Birth Certificate!

What has today’s birthday celebration been like? And, will the White House (back home) be baking extra cakes, as well?