Muslims: Moralmatters Adds A New Resource Topic Page


“Please note that a new topical resource page, has been added to this Moralmatters website:………….”

Muslims: Biblical Scripture Reveals Ancestor Ishmael Behind Their Crimes Against Humanity


“……………Editor’s Note:

Those who may think that Muslim run countries can civilly belong to the “family of nations,” are mistaken. They fail to understand that Muslim-led nations possess a malignant and deadly spirit. Thinking that they will be peaceful and integrate is similar to the same mistake that last Century’s Neville Chamberlain committed with his fantasy-filled, flimsy association (and failed) attempt to possess peace with Nazi Germany’s, Adolf Hitler.

Muslims are hell-bent upon their Islamic way of life, such as the………………..”

Muslims: How They Destroy Nations


“…………………The Ben Garrison graphic (below) helps to explain why countries lose their national identities (and much more) by offering living space to Muslim foreigners. Muslims are such that they refuse to integrate. Instead they wantonly use a host nation’s good will to arrogantly establish their Muslim traditions and their own sharia law. They think that they are………………..”

Muslim Refugees Eschew Pork But Live Like Pigs


“Some beggars never learn that they are at the mercy of those who host them. Such is the case with Muslim refugees. Note the informational link and excerpt below.

Also, consider how political correctness ‘charity’ is an ill-advised practice for governmental national security and greatly harms the well-being status quo of a nation’s natives…………….”

Business Owner Not Motivated By Political Correctness: Bans Muslims For Patron Safety

“Congratulations to this one business owner for taking a stand and for providing for her American patrons! Her reasoning is common sense solid. We live in a tumultuous world where it is clearly evident that terror is most often perpetrated by one sole culture — that being those who subscribe to Islam and sharia law. As such, their way of life is contrary to traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America. Hence, they really don’t belong in America, unless they undergo some pointed positive transformation………..”

Why Is America Still in Afghanistan?

It has been this web author’s continued opinion that America’s enemies desire our country to be embroiled overseas in Afghanistan to sap our financial resources and destroy American lives. With 10 years presence in this Muslim culture the country continues to be run by Muslim traditions with little if no American influence exerted upon… Read more“Why Is America Still in Afghanistan?”