Hillary Clinton At 3:00 AM


“……………..The following cartoon pic was sent by a Moralmatters Reader. This author does not care to minimize criminal Clinton by featuring something of a humorous nature. However, the pic speaks for itself. the wicked character of malignant, Mrs. Clinton:……………….”

America’s Foremost Enemy: The Snake Who Slithers Among Us


………Is Russia America’s foremost enemy? Iran? Are Islamic terrorists? How about ISIS / ISIL?

America’s foremost enemy slithers among us……….

Treasonous Obama Provides Material Assistance To America’s Islamic Terrorist Enemies

“……….Napolitano goes a step further by pointing out that Obama has provided material assistance (human assets) to the Taliban, which has been identified by Congress to be a non-state terrorist organization. This is a crime punishable by imprisonment of 10 years to life, which covers all Americans–including the President.”

Terrorist Obama: The Reason Why He Has No Strategy To Defeat ISIS


……….We can add more “pieces” to connect some obvious dots. The Benghazi massacre [8] underscored one of aka Obama’s premier strategies how he enabled Islamic terrorists – funneling money and arms throughout the Middle East to his Muslim counterparts. Is there no wonder, why his former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was not forthcoming, and why the deaths of 4 Americans [supposedly] made no difference?

Everything that the White House criminal ID [forgery] fraud has done vis-à-vis his foreign policy (political sins of omission and commission) has had the essential outcome of weakening the United States and the free world, while at the same time, strengthening Islamic terrorism. Aka Obama talks a staged [feigned] patriotic political talk but walks the Islamic terrorist walk………..

Three Prominent Things Americans Should Know About Islam

“This is a must view and re-view. Research the truth for yourself. And for you that think that the muslim is religious, it is a belief not understandable to those that have religion. A used car salesman has more ethics than does a true practicing muslim:”………….

Obama Bombing ISIS Is Not What It Appears: He Continues To Support Muslim Terrorism

“…….Considering aka Obama’s lifestyle lying history, there is no clear evidence to suggest that his decision to revisit the Iraqi War by bombing some Muslim armament hardware, possesses any firm resolve to eliminate the ISIS surge of genocidal terror in the Middle East. Remember the old adage? A leopard doesn’t change its spots……….”

Why Obama Doesn’t Care About His Poor Approval Rating Among Americans

Terrorist minded aka Obama, doesn’t care what Americans think of him now that he is in the White House. He’s only driven to fulfill his devilish agenda. Why would he care when he is a life-style liar and a supporter of abortion genocide and Infanticide?