Munich Shooting Attack: How We Know ISIS Is Responsible


“Please note the 30 second Peekay Truth video with serious informational links following:……………”

Zionism And Zionists: Ravaging Words Molesting Holy Scripture’s Zion


“Youtube channels and other websites are guilty of misusing a certain word. It’s a common (erroneous) practice to label and stereotype, certain New World Order manipulators, as ‘Zionists.’ That designation takes a Scriptural word (Zion) and denigrates it. The usage of that word and forms of it, in attempting to describe malevolent New World Order wicked people and malicious groups, is not only dishonest but a type of ‘generalization’ (aka, illogical reasoning / fallacy)………………”

American Taxpayers Forced To Fund ISIS: Hideous Prescription By The Ruling Classes

“…………Here is the agenda: ISIS/ISIL will be working WITH the moderate Syrian rebels to topple the Assad regime. The United States is funding much of the effort. The Ruling Classes failed to gain citizen buy-in to “War on Syria” last year, so they are using a new plan this year.

The Ruling Classes raised up ISIS. This group was recruited, funded and trained by the CIA, but this group is actually al-Qaeda re-branded with a new name…………”