Nasty Immature Individual Sends A Hate Mongering Message To

“A recent comment [today] that this Moralmatters author refused to publish was denigrating and accusatory. It was a comment that I placed into Spam……” not the only website singled out and censored for malevolent purposes

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Evil people will not prevail because the Lord God Almighty Reigns


“……………We need to forget about the lies of “God and country” that were fed to us as we were growing up and living our lives. It was all a dream as I see it now. We were fooled by the lies of the controllers who have been manipulating us. They think they will prevail and that they will have the “last word,” but in reality, this evil cabal is doing God’s Will – despite their idealizations to the contrary. Let us remember how the Lord used the Chaldeans to chasten His people (re-read the book of Habakkuk for reference).

We know that a tyranny is upon us, but we also know it is a part of a greater Plan. Our duty is to live our lives in the hope of the Expected Outcome – and NOT to be sidetracked by the evil agenda. It will………………..”

Obamacare Alternative: reader sends pertinent information

The Following was sent to this author. Check it out for yourself: I know you and your family may not need this information, but you may know others who are going to be killed financially by the extra burden of high health insurance premiums.  This is a good alternative to the… Read more“Obamacare Alternative: reader sends pertinent information” Informational Internet postings of patriotic interest: October 8, 2013

Please note the 4th and 5th informational links. For those who have until this time, given Obama the benefit of any doubt; please connect the dots. Obama intentionally is attempting to destroy traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America.  Please note the Internet postings following the large pic: The Alabama Supreme Court… Read more“ Informational Internet postings of patriotic interest: October 8, 2013”