Mind Control: United States Government Style And Otherwise


“Moralmatters has decided to provide another resource page called:

Mind Control

Web readers………………”

Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax: Fraud Is The Only Reasonable Explanation


“People are emotional creatures. They generally react rather than respond. They are captivated by what they first see and hear. Initial visual and auditory impressions are very difficult to dispel. Corrupt big government and its criminal co-conspirator complicit mainstream media are acutely aware of the picture propaganda and corresponding sound track audio, which it wishes to dangle before the public. And, the public (to their never ending self-destructive demise) by-and-large, take the bait – every time…………”

Crimes Against Humanity: Black Women Also Responsible


Please note Mychal Massie’s 5 minute video after the following Moralmatters mini-commentary:

Mychal Massie hasn’t fallen prey to the politically correct blindness of the culture. He believes that black women are not victims who are forced to destroy their offspring. He correctly believes and trumpets the reality that black women are murdering their pre-born offspring……………………

Al Sharpton Race Baiter: Added To Moralmatters.org Malignant Individuals Topic Page


“…………..Mind you, Moralmatters will not relegate the Rev. Sharpton to a “Moralmatters back-seat.” This author is pleased to give him prime exposure.”

Facebook Sanctions Moralmatters.org Author Nathan Bickel


My Mother always said:

“If you don’t toot your own horn; nobody is going to toot it for you!”

What is Nathan Bickel to conclude, other than Facebook does not like the Moralmatters articles which its author posts on the Facebook facility? Why does Moralmatters author, Nathan Bickel feel discriminated against? Doesn’t he have enough American Indian blood in his genetics, to qualify him for “American” treatment? Or, perhaps, Bickel is too……………

Addiction To Mainstream Media: Moralmatters Adds A New Resource Page


“Moralmatters has just added another resource page. It’s called:

Addiction To Mainstream Media

That resource page can always be accessed on every Moralmatters website page by looking to the right side of the screen. Scroll down until you find:

MoralMatters topics: Containing multiple informational links

Part of this author’s purpose in presenting Moralmatters,…………”

Resisting Lawless Government: New Moralmatters Topic Page


A new Moralmatters Topic Page has been produced. It’s called:………

………It is this author’s desire that the Moralmatters website be easily navigated, bereft of irritating (difficult to read) Cap Script and black background. He wishes for the reader informative, educational — and, in some instances, humorous different material………..