Hillary Clinton: Naked Reality


“………..Do not look at the following picture of Hillary Clinton unless you have a strong constitution.

Especially, do not look at it if you care to fall asleep at night. Pass it by and avoid future nightmares…………..”

What Would The World Be Like? Thank You From Moralmatters 2014


It is with tender and humble delight that this Moralmatters author, Nathan M. Bickel, extends a “Thank you,” to all who have visited this particular website, this past year of 2014.

This author is not ashamed or remiss in being reminded that Moralmatters.org is not a “run-of-the-mill” website. He recalls the recent past, when a faithful friend offered him a very acute and wise piece of advice. The admonition came in form of a challenge, to take a simple walk and offer a specific prayer:…………….