NASA Molested Parent Abuses His Child


“……………However, and sadly so, many parents don’t question, examine and evaluate what they have been academically taught during their past school classroom years. Their minds have been thoroughly molested and saturated with propaganda (of which) they invariably convey to their offspring. The mentally debilitating caverns of that erosion began full-blow, in kindergarten……………”

Bruce Jenner “Once The Most Desirable Man In America:” Moralmatters Reader


A Moralmatters Reader authors the following mini-commentary about Bruce Jenner attempting to play woman:

It’s nauseating to see what was (obviously) once a man looking like an AIDS-ravaged old hag in a lady’s swimsuit.

All of his ex-wives and ex-girlfriends must be…………..

Molestation By Five Supreme Court Justices: Unlawfully Ramrodding The LGBT Agenda Down America’s Throat


< <<<<<<<<< A Moralmatters reader weighs in on the recent Supreme Court decision of which 5 SC justices bent over for LGBT activists. Due to homosexual activists' molesting nature, the will of the people vis-a-vis multiple state referendums wasn't good enough for them. Instead they circled around to the high court's "back-door" and found weak-kneed court justices to perform their aberrant wishes. The federal government has no moral or legal right to dictate a student's academic education. Unfortunately, and to the culture's demise, big government has presumed the role of nanny educator. Isn't it a wonderful thing for individual states >>>>>>>>>>>

Homofascism: Eric Rush Scenario Describes Its Molestation And Boomerang Effect


“Please note: Scroll all the way down to the page to view the 1 and 1/2 minute video featuring the disturbing personal angst and hurt of Kylie Jenner & Kendall over Bruce Jenner’s self-inflicted gender molestation.

What specifically and finally will ultimately ‘transform’ traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America? Read the excellent commentary by Eric Rush following the Moralmatters mini-commentary. Erik’s piece, may very well answer the question as to what will precipitate the molestation end………………”

Bruce Jenner Sold His Manhood To Satan


“A Moralmatters reader comments about Bruce Jenner’s self-inflicted molestation against his own God created (original) body’s gender:………..”

Obama America’s # 1 Sex Offender: The Numbers Don’t Lie

…….The most egregious violation of one’s personal space and personhood is to [outright] exterminate an individual. What’s even more wicked and diabolical, is to exterminate a helpless and innocent little person while they are yet within the [divine] created and protective womb of his [or her] mother……….

Obama Molests American Right of Free Speech – HR 347

Must see, short youtube video! Note the clear implications of this attack on the First Amendment! “Obama Makes Free Speech a Felony” – “This is a slow creeping destruction of some of our basic liberties, and the president signed it in secret.” – Judge Andrew P. Napolitano – Further Explanation:… Read more“Obama Molests American Right of Free Speech – HR 347”