Adam Lanza And His Mythical Sandy Hook Shootout


“The best way to understand the world and political affairs, is to acknowledge the depravity of man; the depravity of human nature.” 

Ohio State Knifing False Reality: Watch The Press Conference Over-Kill


………..One major telltale sign of a contrived and staged event is the immediate and (seemingly) endless aftermath public media coverage, which is designed to set “in stone” the historical narrative. Public officials are full of knowledge details about the event even before any legitimate criminal investigation has concluded.

Those interviewed by the mainstream media propaganda whores have rehearsed their scripted lines. They attempt to act normal. But their facial body language usually betrays them. Often they attempt to play cool and normal as Gov. John Kasich………..

Ohio State University Knife Attack: Contrived And Staged False Reality Event


“………….The following pic illustrates the Ohio State University ‘knifing’ false reality:………….”

Hunting Hitler History Channel Actors: Government Crisis Actors Playing Dual Roles?


“In the spirit of the worthy exercise of questioning, examining and evaluating, this Moralmatters author lists questions and concerns about the recent History Channel’s “Hunting Hitler” series………….”

“Mass Shootings” In America: Why So Many Under Aka Obama?


“The White House ID forgery fraud is scheduled tonight to speak via his controlled mainstream media to all those willing to hear more of his lies. His propaganda will decry the multiple “mass” shootings which have been a prime focus of his occupation of the American presidency. And, you can be sure that this devil’s (crimes against humanity) favorite disciple will utter words that will be hailed (as definitive) by enabling propaganda, low-life crimes against the peace, mainstream media……………”

San Bernardino False Reality Shooting And Prostitutes Of Mainstream Media Whoredom


“It’s extremely nauseating to read and listen to self-professed American ‘conservatives’ as they “lap-dog” the mainstream media network propaganda news of the latest government contrived criminal false reality event in San Bernardino, CA.

The major moral (fatal) mistake of those who “entertain” mainstream media whores (aka, FOX, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, PBS, etc.) about……………….”