Ohio State Knifing False Reality: Watch The Press Conference Over-Kill


………..One major telltale sign of a contrived and staged event is the immediate and (seemingly) endless aftermath public media coverage, which is designed to set “in stone” the historical narrative. Public officials are full of knowledge details about the event even before any legitimate criminal investigation has concluded.

Those interviewed by the mainstream media propaganda whores have rehearsed their scripted lines. They attempt to act normal. But their facial body language usually betrays them. Often they attempt to play cool and normal as Gov. John Kasich………..

New York Chelsea Bombing: Contrived And Staged


“…………The reality: The New York bombings were contrived and staged. What we have, is another major ‘crime against peace’ committed by our own American government!……………….”.

Public Not Fooled By Obama False Realities: Video From Roseburg Oregon


A Moralmatters Reader offers the following:

“This video was being taken while people in Roseburg, Oregon waited for the demon-in-chief to arrive on Friday:”

Video excerpt (below). Start @ the 6 minute mark –

@ 6:05 minutes into the video:

“……..Hey what’s your thoughts on this being a government job?………………….

Nazi Tactics Used In America: Same-Type Scheming Methods Practiced In Hitler’s Germany


< <<<<<<<<<<< Moralmatters has been warning about mainstream media playing Americans for fools. That same media report increasing government contrived propaganda and violence events. Following (link below) is an example of one of those events where the crisis actor was reportedly caught. Will the person >>>>>>>>>>>>>>