New Year 2017: The Most Prominent Political Issue


The most prominent political issue of 2017 will not be publicized by propaganda mainstream media news.

The most prominent political issue of 2017 among nations is the issue of willful and continued deception. That issue of deception is……………..

Rule Of Thumb: Question The News Of The Day And Be Skeptical


………..Note the large pic below and how narcissist and lifestyle liar, criminal ID fraud, aka Obama plays news media big shot publicity hound:

Obama Goes Macho on Ebola: Cancels Fundraiser, Hugs & Kisses Nurses! –

If you aren’t skeptical about aka Obama’s photo op performances and the recent mainstream media’s coverage of him, vis-a-vis the “ebola cured nurse,” then, this Moralmatters author questions you, the viewer and reader. He questions your………..