Apollo Astronaut Deceiver Gene Cernan Dies: His Brightest Moment Surpassed


“The lies of NASA and mainstream media continue to be proliferated. No human being stepped foot on the Moon. The Moon is in the heavens, Creator God’s domain.

It is not scientifically possible for humans to reach the Moon. NASA, itself has admitted that. Yet,…………………”

Moralmatters Reader Submits Vitriol Comment: Invoking The Name Of Archie Bunker


“Moralmatters can’t help but share some of the comments he receives from his readership. Many of the comments are automatically sent to the spam section. The following comment (copied below) slipped through that helpful facility. It will not be approved but only highlighted in this article to showcase some of the scum which is disseminated by one of the evil one’s disciples. Sometimes it is beneficial to be reminded how reality is twisted by those who hate truth……………..”

Hillary Clinton Epitome Of Dishonesty: Moralmatters New Subject Page

“Moralmatters has just created a new subject page, designated as:

Hillary Clinton: Epitome Of Dishonesty……….”

Hillary Clinton’s Odious Lifelong Character Trait: Lying


“Please note the related informational links following the large pic and its script:…………..”

Liars Go to Hell

“Liars Go to Hell” – …….Perhaps, the most prevalent example of people lying to other people, are politicians of all levels – federal, state, county and local “leaders” who campaign for public taxpayer paid offices and who make all types of campaign promises, only to go back on those promises… Read more“Liars Go to Hell”