John Glenn Crisis Actor: NASA Propagandist, Deceiver And Mocker


“American astronauts are despicable people. They are agent crisis actor propagandists who have sold their priceless souls to the government misinformation whores, in order to disseminate NASA deception………….”

Satan And Demons: Moralmatters Adds A New Topic Resource Page


“Please note the new Moralmatters topic resource page,…………..”

Hillary Clinton Presidential Run: Attempted Escape From Immoral And Criminal Past


“Please note the large pic and related informational links following the 2 paragraph Moralmatters mini commentary:

Hillary Clinton’s recent attempted run for the U. S. Presidency, is speedily becoming a daily absurdity as increasing numbers of Americans are swiftly becoming cognizant of her immoral and lurid criminal past. To think that she would even possess a gnat’s eyelash possibility of the proverbial snowball’s existence in hell, is like thinking that the devil would be welcome in holy heaven.


2016 Presidential Election: Hillary Clinton Most Experienced Potential Candidate


“Please note the large pic and informational links that follow it.

Moralmatters has no doubt that the most experienced potential candidate for the 2016 Presidential Election is none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton……………..”

Refuse The Snake Oil: Stand Against Obama Propaganda


…………….The aka Obama government (cabal) is counting on public opinion to change – in his wicked direction. He can’t wait for more Americans to buy his snake oil anti-Second Amendment pack of lies, propaganda.

Have you ever wondered why all the government contrived violence events? Have you asked yourself why……………

Obama worse than a liar: A liberal who gets it

Don’t ever say that liberals don’t have a lick of sense. Sometimes a few of them become informed and enlightened Related: For America – Obama Lies – He Must Shame Even the Devil – Sample of Hate Crimes by Obama Against America – White House Occupier BO… Read more“Obama worse than a liar: A liberal who gets it”

Serial Liar White House Occupier

The Following informational link chronicles major life lies told by Barack Hussein Obama: It is common knowledge that Obama is a stranger to the truth. The mainstream media won’t publicize it, but there are many inconsistencies and anomalies which have been noted while tracking Obama’s past sketchy history and shady… Read more“Serial Liar White House Occupier”