Rush Limbaugh On Leftist False Reality: Offers Specifics Of Contrived Fake News


“It was refreshing today to hear a segment of Rush Limbaugh. Would you believe he actually spent some time talking about ‘fake news?’ Perhaps, Rush will shed more of his shyness and start talking about government contrived propaganda / violence events. Maybe he’ll grow some……………….”

Ferguson And The Conspiracy Theorist Straw Man Stereotype: The Ridicule Gets Old


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Those who do not desire others to question their “‘gospel’ understanding” of reality are often arrogant people who are intellectually indolent. Instead, these hapless and meandering souls, rabidly turn on those who question. They end up piling on their propaganda ridicule.

The following commentary article is a clear example of those who ridicule others who question the reported mainstream media events that have transpired in Ferguson Missouri……………………