Hacking Donald Trump: Question, Examine And Evaluate


“………………Do yourself a kind favor. Know that all mainstream media news is propaganda. It’s tainted. It’s orchestrated by those who are in control. That same news is subsequently and immediately distributed to all local TV and Radio Network stations. It’s aired and broadcast 24 / 7 at the top of every hour, to umpteen millions of Americans while they [we] travel, eat and attempt to relax………………….”

Kalamazoo Killing False Reality: The Catastrophe Card


“Less than 24 hours following the latest mainstream media highlighted alleged ‘mass killing’ catastrophe, a Kalamazoo church hosted a memorial gathering.

One of the major telltale signs of government contrived / sponsored propaganda violence event false realities, is the propaganda mainstream media photo-op display of public grief. We can call it the ‘Catastrophe Card.’ That catastrophe card is………”

Kalamazoo Shooting Spree False Reality: Apparent Criminality By Certain Authorities


…………Why were Michigan law enforcement authorities apparently inept in their response to the alleged Kalamazoo “mass shooting?” Why did they take so long to arrest the suspect when he was finished doing his alleged dirty?Why was there the apparent Neanderthal and truncated response? Can there be a plausible reason behind law enforcement’s creeping hunt which did not halt the alleged killer’s 3 reported separate capricious shootings of innocents, who, allegedly “happened” to be in his crazed and haphazard path?…………………

Hoax, False Flag and False Reality: What Do They Have In Common?


< <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< "..........You watch a film done by actors. When it comes to some sad part, REAL tears come from one’s eyes.The brain does not realize that you’re seeing ACTORS playing a fictional part while they’re covered with FAKE blood. Your BRAIN sees it as REAL.!!! Only your intellect can sort it all out with CRITICAL thinking and remind you what you’re seeing is DRAMA and not real life. When millions of people see these HOAXES their brain thinks it’s REAL…..when it’s not. People do not realize just how evil their government can be.” - Moralmatters reader >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Don’t move to Bay City, Michigan unless you want to be bombarded with unnecessary nuisance noise

Please note below, a July 3, 2016 “Update” comment by this Moralmatters author. A Significant Issue Which Many Communities Face: It is a moral shame that some communities’ law enforcement continue to disrespect its taxpaying residents by continuing to allow the unruly to disturb the peace and quiet, law and… Read more“Don’t move to Bay City, Michigan unless you want to be bombarded with unnecessary nuisance noise”