Orlando False Reality Shooting: Fake Funeral


“This Moralmatters emeritus Christian pastor author recently conducted a Christian burial. In all his experience of presiding over funerals, he has not encountered those present, to laugh. There are, expressions of joy, that the deceased soul is with Lord God, forever; but not giddy (unreal) laughter.

But when you have false reality crisis actors present at fake funerals, the somber (authentic) expressions of genuine grief need not be inwardly felt and outwardly, experienced.

Note the……………..”

Orlando Pulse Nightclub False Reality Shooting: Moralmatters New Topic Resource Page


“Moralmatters has assembled multiple informational links on the Orlando, Florida Pulse Nightclub false reality shooting. They are compiled on the following topic resource page:………………”

Orlando False Reality Shooting Massacre: Cop Laughs At Brain Dead


“……….The following 2 minute Peekay Truth video highlights a law enforcement character. He’s not like most crisis actor law enforcement officers, presiding over another false reality event. Instead, he comes with a (“duping delight”) grin, smile and a wink. He’s happy and lets the viewing audience know it. He heartily laughs (and mocks) because he knows the Orlando (so-called) “shooting massacre” has been produced for the brain dead……………”