Donald Trump An Equal Opportunity Groper: Latest Conquest Photo


“It appears as if Donald Trump is allegedly an “equal opportunity” groper. He does not discriminate. He gives them all the same alleged, tale (fabled) “treatment.”

Please note…………….

Pay To Play Hillary Clinton: Her Cockamamie Claim About Trump And Russia


“……….Please note what the Benghazi Butcher (aka, Hillary Clinton) can no longer hide. Witness from the short You Tube video (below) and following informational links, who (really) is being influenced by outside sources to damage America and to sell her, out. Those grievous offenses are being perpetrated by none other, than the corrupt Clinton’s:…………”

Donald Trump Putting America First: Voter Priority Focus


“……….They will continue to dig up anything they can on Trump right up to election day. We must keep the faith and be every mindful of the issues: the supreme court, border security, lower taxes, better trade deals, bringing jobs back, replacing Obamacare and in everything putting America first. You will get none of that if Hillary Clinton is elected.”